Corporate Philosophy

We Co-Create Stories.


By encouraging “Co-creation” through coach trainings and the We Method® of coaching. we aspire to create a “happy world”-- a world where each member of society can dream; where people, Japan and the world are inspired and full of life.


Coaches are people who embrace “challenge.”
We continue to strive as “challengers.”

COACH ING, Inc. opened its doors in 2003, using NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming and Communication) concepts to train and educate coaches in both personal and corporate settings.

Years of positive results in major businesses and many satisfied clients has helped us build a strong reputation in the NLP coach training and executive coaching markets.

At COACH ING, we specialize in the education and training of executives and human resource administrators in addition to developing and creating new company cultures.

We focus on “nurturing people who nurture others” (organizational leaders and administrative staff), as well as promote “team-building” and raise awareness of “group efficacy.”

Embracing the philosophy that “People are the wellspring of life.” and “Everything starts with the individual,” we try to cultivate corporate cultures that value “people.”

We dream of businesses that are strong and sound; societies that are bright and hopeful; a Japan that is healthy and full of vitality; a world that embraces peace; and an earth that is lush and bountiful. In order to make these dreams a reality, we begin with the smallest common denominator, the individual human being.

The futures of companies are in the hands of its employes. Therefore, it is vital that companies provide employees with opportunities of achievement, satisfaction, pride and growth.

Individuals with healthy minds and bodies, feel a sense of purpose and joy in their work and lives. They express natural desire for growth and independence. These “inspired individuals,” in turn, help to cultivate new, enriched cultures.

When given the chance, all individuals have access to their own wisdom and make choices towards growth naturally. They also possess the potential for growth amongst peers. Revolution and change within larger entities (of organizations and corporations) begin with the shift in the mindset and behavior of the individual.

While change on a larger scale begins with the smallest unit -- the individual, we also understand the importance of growth of the group as a whole. By shifting the “competition and conflict stage” of interaction to the “cooperation stage” -- the “WE stage” -- we contribute to enriched growth at the most fundamental level.

We Method® Coaching and Whole System Coaching® are highly effective methods that combine the concepts of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming and communication), clinical psychology and neuroscience. We form partnerships with individual clients and corporations to introduce methods that encourage positive growth and self-reliance.

Our source of joy at COACH ING is seeing our clients embrace change and revolution from the inside-out.

At ‘COACH ING’as our name, inspire us to strive for continuous growth “Improving, Natural, Going onward and Evolving” as our creed.

We Co-Create Stories.

Our movement is based on Co-Creating Stories. Simply forging through with “charisma” (as you may well know) is no longer viable in today’s business model.

The key to our future is “Co-creation,” not “competition.”

The ability to approach problems creatively, to persevere, and to have mental flexibility are essential in order to deal with the complex times of today.

Looking for immediate solutions to problems is not enough. We must also possess the creative faculties and talents to go above and beyond and lay new foundations for cultural changes .

Our team follows the principles of co-creating new cultural stages to draw out the highest potential of everyone.

By co-creating stages through coach trainings and We Method® coaching, we hope to create a “happy world” where each member of society can hold dreams, where people, Japan and the world are inspired and full of life.

We challenged ourselves to develop an original program that could meet the high accreditation standards of the International Coaching Federation. We are pleased to report that “Whole System Coaching®” was officially certified as an ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) in May of 2014.
※ “Whole System Coaching®” was one of three programs in Japan to receive this honor in the last 17 years (January, 2015).

This program, developed with the end goal of accreditation by ICF in mind, is testament to our dedication to living our philosophy of growth through challenge and exploration. We challenge ourselves, so that YOU can challenge yourselves.

Together, we are challengers. If we do not challenge ourselves as coaches, our practice remains in theory only.

And we will continue to challenging ourselves as teams and individuals.

President of COACH ING Inc, Sachiko Ikushima

We Method®

Shift from self-thinking as the basis
to flow into “we” harmont.

  • I or You Stage Competition Conflict PhaseI or You Stage Competition Conflict Phase
  • We Mix Stage Fluctuation PhaseWe Mix Stage Fluctuation Phase
  • We Stage Co-Creation PhaseWe Stage Co-Creation Phase

President of COACH ING Inc,Sachiko Ikushima Profile

Sachiko is a coach and trainer of coaches specializing in Leadership Development, Team Building, Change Management, NLPTM, and Book Author. Has been coaching and training coaches since 2000.
Also President of COACH ING Inc, a board member of Japan Coach Association’s Osaka chapter, Adviser of International Coaching Federation Japan Charter Chapter (ICFJ) and Director of iAi NLP Association.
Co-owner of Whole System Coaching, which delivers an ICF- Accredited Coach Training Program.

August, 2008 Became the first woman in the Kansai area of Japan to get International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification as ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)

December, 2013 an Adviser of International Coaching Federation Japan Charter Chapter (ICFJ)

May, 2014 Coach training program "Whole System Coaching®" becomes official certified program of International Coaching Federation (headquarters: U. S. of A)

August, 2017 Served as the only representative of an Asian country as a speaker at ICF Global Coach Conference (held in Washington D.C.)

As a coach, I actively help strengthen administration and organizational skills of business owners and companies, as well as support individuals who are striving to become coaches themselves. My endeavors have blossomed into one of our original programs, "Whole System Coaching®", enabling me to contribute to the education and nurturing of individuals and organizations that produce results.

ICF Master Certified Coach(MCC)
Trainer of NLPTM
Art of NLP Trainer
The Test for Technical Ability of Secretary, 1st Grade
ICF Coach Membership
ICFJ Coach Membership